About Us

SugarAddiction.com is a labor of love. I have struggled with putting the time and
resources into this project for years. I’ve thought of every conceivable excuse not to
do the work necessary to get this message out.

After all, who want’s to forever be know as “The Anti-Candy(cake, cookies, soda etc)
Man”? I have a life, work I enjoy and great friends and family – 99% of whom love
their sugar as I once did.

But the reality is the reality. I can’t hide from it anymore. I can’t watch another obese
child walk by knowing that the answer to this problem is a simple one.

I’d like to go into all the reasons and present here an intelligent argument about why
you, and we as a society, should not be ingesting sugar and why children should
never ingest the stuff but that would take a book (which I’m working on). The site will
carry all the research and the experts so have no fear there.

Suffice it to say that the information wouldn’t help you anyway. Yes, you read that right.

You already “know” through your research, heck you’re on SugarAddiction.com right?

This site is about “how you feel” not about “what you know”.

You know sugar is bad for you. You know you can’t stop when you start eating “just
one bite”. You’ve tried over and over again to stop, cut back, quit for a week or a month.

All to end up breaking your promises to yourself and starting again – just one little bite,
sip or slice.

I know because I’ve been there. I tried for years to quit – years. Fact was I just couldn’t
do it alone. I needed help. I needed people who were doing the same thing as me. Not
my family, not my friends – new people – different people. People who had reached the
point in their life where nothing else mattered. I hate to be melodramatic but that’s where
you have to be. Anything less and you’ll be wasting your time and ours.

So that’s what we offer here. A community of like minded people all helping each other
with one goal: to quit using sugar to our detriment. I hesitate to use the word “control”
our sugar intake, as I’m not sure that is 100% possible. But you have to reach you own
conclusions. We will share what has worked for us and you can take whatever part you
feel will work for you.

But rest assured you have found a safe, supportive community of folks with only one goal.
That one goal, at least for the time we spend together, is to understand our relationship with
sugar and to come to peace with it.


Michael Collins

PS: I know it’s scary but please sign up for the email list so we can stay in touch. This is not
a one time visit and you’re cured. I promise I will not spam you with anything – only our new
articles, videos and research.