Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Sugar and You…

The Kick Sugar Summit


Nothing seems to work for you when it comes to quitting sugar.

You’ve tried everything. Well try this:  The Kick Sugar Summit

More importantly, you feel all alone in your battle with sugar temptations, cravings, detoxes, and withdrawals.

Would it bring you comfort to know that almost ALL of our 27+ speakers were in the same place as you?

They were.

Most took up their profession of helping others with the same issue – S.U.G.A.R.   — Because they had suffered personally.

Some are MD’s and PhD’s whose entire practice is the study of and helping people with issues around sugar.

My co-host Florence actually tried for over twenty [20] years to get off sugar and only succeeded after she heard a method talked about by a few of the speakers on the Summit.

“In a blinding moment of insight” as she puts it.

Her story is just one of the experts.

Check it out here: The Kick Sugar Summit

There is no cost. It’s totally free. Just a few moments of your time to see if you can tweak your own program a little like Florence.

See you on the inside.

You don’t want to miss any of the speakers that might become your favorites – or even maybe some of your current favorites!   Check out the list here: The Kick Sugar Summit


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