Could Your Lack of Motivation Actually Be From Sugar?

Sugar causes lack of motivation


So here’s a question:

Could Your Lack of Motivation to Quit Sugar Actually Be Caused BY Sugar?

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Couch Potato Syndrome or Amotivational Syndrome for you science buffs.(with links to scientific, medical journal published studies below)

We all know it.

When sitting around watching something on the “boob tube” seems easier than doing almost anything else.

When you think about something you used to love to do. Something free, money is not a barrier. Something you have plenty of time for, but you check in with yourself and the message that comes flying back is:

“I’m just too tired.”

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Exercise is included in that for sure but, in my experience amotivational syndrome leads to literally not wanting to LIVE LIFE fully.

Every little task or activity – fun or work – seems a bother.

Your energy is just zapped to the point where the simplest things seem hard.

Forget about the goal stretching, “get out of your comfort zone” type activities.

This is not just my personal experience or the experience of all the folks I’ve coached.

In a study published in the journal Physiology & Behavior, researchers found that rats fed a diet low in fat but high in simple sugars and refined flour were not only more obese than rats that had a better diet, but also less willing to work for a reward.

“The obese rats really showed impaired motivation,” said Aaron Blaisdell, of UCLA, who studies animal cognition and is the author of the study.

“It is as if the rat is thinking ‘This is too much work.'”

Studies like these come out daily. If you’d like links to any of them please write me anytime.

I can’t bear to bore you with all of them but be assured I read them all.

Let’s go back to that “feeling”.

Here’s what we’ve learned from our years of helping folks understand and deal with sugar in their lives:

This is NOT a one-time event – this “I’m exhausted” feeling. This is a slow creep. A “sugar exhaustion.”

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It has been with us since our childhood. At this point, people think that this is who they are! That this is how their body actually feels. They think that they need more rest than the average person That they’re older.

All hogwash!

Pure unadulterated hogwash.

It’s simple really. Because it happened slowly over years and decades. The “slow down” of your life energy now seems like the norm.

The miracle transformations in life energy may be the most rewarding part of my work.

People say things like “My energy just returned” , “It’s like I’m a teenager again!”

Now I’m not a huge fan of “burning calories” for weight loss. I think exercise should be used for mental well-being and dopamine receptor healing so that we are working on feeling better every day and then we’ll have the energy to exercise.

A little bit of a chicken and the egg thing.

But once the sugar is out of our system then we can go for that walk, swim or yoga class.

We feel good about it, it makes a feel better and a positive upward spiral begins.

But forget about exercise for a minute.

We started off talking about real simple stuff like having the energy to go visit a friend or family member. Or to go to your book club instead of watch TV. Simple stuff, optional stuff, that you used to love that really nurtures you but, as of late, you’ve been neglecting or putting off because you’re just tired all the time.

Sugar exhaustion is real.

Join us and let’s see what’s on the other side for you. Maybe start that business? Join that gym or yoga studio? Or just have the energy to go over to mom’s and say hello.

[Take the Quick Quiz to see if You Might Have a Susceptibility to Sugar]

Whatever you want more energy for we’re here for you.

Ever hear the saying about kids “Man if I could bottle that energy”. Sure we get a little slower as we age but there are not enough words in the English language or video footage to describe the night and day of your energy level on sugar and your energy level with sugar. Serious stuff. Give it a whirl… Quit Sugar Now.

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      Thanks, Roberta!

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