There’s one thing that we all know about sugar. It’s the basis for many weight loss books, diets, and publishing empires: if we cut back on sugar, we lose weight. The idea is pretty simple. So why, may I ask, is almost no one successful at this seemingly simple task?


You won't believe what this infographic says about the sugar consumption of the average American.

Photo by Betsy Weber

Would you like to quit using sugar? Want to "control" their sugar use. Have an occasional treat and then just walk away and not think about it for a few more days.

With the introduction of his powerful book 'Wheat Belly' Dr. William Davis completed a triad for me that I have been talking about for well over twenty years. I knew flour turned to sugar in your stomach and that was enough for me not to feed it to my children growing up (or ingest it… Read the full article...

It looks like the "help for sugar addiction" movement is building a bigger head of steam - finally. Famed author and researcher and fellow recovering sugar addict herself, Connie Bennett is coming out with a new book and a new six week plan to help people get off sugar: "Beyond Sugar Shock." With one best… Read the full article...