Should Sugar be Regulated Like Alcohol and Tobacco?

Recently Dr. Robert Lustig and his colleagues at the University of California, San Francisco Laura Schmidt and Claire Brindis have come out in an article in the journal Nature in favor of government regulation of sugar. Much like the regulation of alcohol and tobacco, Lustig is calling for higher taxes and a possible age limit […]

Sugar Addiction Challenge – Week 9 BREAK DOWN!

So YES, I finally had a HUGE meltdown and caved, BIG TIME! I had been craving for a couple days. The drive home after the holidays was brutal, because it was late at night, I was sad, hungry and tired…the killer combo for me. But I was really, really good and resisted. Then the next day, bad cravings still, but I resisted. By day three of horrible cravings I just could take it anymore!

Sugar Addiction Challenge Day 49: Christmas Temptations

I survived Christmas!! We entertained a few friends and of course made traditional pies and my favorite cranberry chutney. Making these goodies for everyone else was mild torture, but I abstained. However a friend brought over some excellent ice wine and so I had to indulge…it would have been horribly rude otherwise. Hahaha So little […]

Sugar Addiction Challenge Day 48: Christmas Eve

Last night I went to a Hanukkah party. It was a lot of fun and though I stayed away from the pastries, I went over board on the potato latkes….of course I used the excuse that it didn’t contain sugar or flour! I do find that I’m getting better about my eating, but when I […]

Sugar Addiction Challenge – Day 45: Rough Day

This was a rough day for me.  It is driving me crazy that I haven’t settled into a schedule and my eating schedule is all messed up.   I am sooo irritated that I forget to eat and get so hungry I feel week but then I go beyond the point of feeling like eating […]

Jack Lalanne – A Sugarholic

As the year draws to a close we think about the past year and make plans and goals for the new year. This year we lost a great man – Jack Lalanne Over 50 years ago he knew what we know today, but seem to have forgotten…. I can’t tell it any better than the […]

Sugar Addiction Challenge Day 44: Weekly Weigh In!

I am now down to 132.8, so I’ve lost about 7 pounds since the start of the Sugar Addiction Challenge. I think that is not too shabby considering all the holiday temptations I’ve been subjected to! I’ve been really good so far this week. I had dinner last night with the family of a good […]

Sugar Addiction Challenge Day 42: 1 Week until Christmas

Ok, first I apologize for slacking on my daily postings! I’ve been very busy this month and sometimes I just feel like I’d just be repeating myself. The past couple of days have been a little rough. Had some bad cravings. Last night I was REALLY craving pizza, beer and chocolate. The Christmas party I […]

Sugar Addiction Challenge Day 38: I caved!

SOoooo here is my video confession. I did it; I finally slipped and the attack of the midnight munchies got me! No schedule + No sleep + Hunger + Stess = bad combo for cravings! I’m not going to let it beat me though or get me down. Just one little slip and I’m back […]

Day 36: Start of a new week!

I was a TOTAL slacker the past couple days on my posting. So first….WEIGH IN! 133.4 pounds! Woohoo, that is about a 1.5 pounds down from last week and 6 pounds total. I ate pretty well last week. Cravings not too bad, but mostly that was because I was too busy to think about it. […]