Why Does Quitting Sugar Feel Selfish?


Why Does Quitting Sugar Feel Selfish?

Because it is selfish.

It’s more pronounced when you live in a family structure. The kids want “treats.” The spouse may want some too. But it’s hard for you to have the stuff around so you don’t stock it like you used to.

You actually feel a little guilty that the kids aren’t “getting their treats.” Stop, they’ll love you more for being the educated mom or dad in about twenty years.

In the early days of our recovery, we still have mixed emotions.

We really just want to be able to learn to eat sugar “normally.” Like other people we see enjoying it in moderation.

Little do we know that they may be suffering in silence as well.

We don’t hate the sugar companies or have some vendetta – we’re just confused.

This “thing” has been with us our whole lives. It’s a deep part of our lives, our actual identity sometimes. (Sweet tooth, sugar lover, sweetness, baker, etc)

Here’s the thing.

We have to give ourselves some time.

That’s where the selfish part comes in.

If what you suspect is true from all your research then this is a serious life makeover and it’s a little scary.

Where we feel guilty is that we feel we are taking time away from the rest of our lives and our loved ones to focus on ourselves for a little time.

A lot of us are caregivers.

Taking care of ourselves feels strangely unsettling, to say the least.

Add to that sugar withdrawals and the emotional rollercoaster that is early recovery and you have a recipe for very strange feelings in our body. Ones we’ve never encountered before and want to crush immediately. (with sugar BTW)

We totally get these feelings, this fear, this apprehension.

It’s 100% normal.

The cure is self-care.

Easy words to write, easy words to say.

Damn near impossible words, for some of us, to act on.

That changes today.

We’ve found a strange phenomenon in the over 25 years we’ve been helping people get off sugar.

New folks just need someone to say it’s OK.

To actually give them permission to pursue a course of action that they’ve been trying and failing at, sometimes for years.

So here it is:

Because you got to the end of this post, heck because you clicked on it and were searching for a solution to sugar in your life, we give you permission to follow YOUR dreams, to live in YOUR right sized body and to be AS HEALTHY as YOU want to be in this life.

Just do it.






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