The SECRET to getting the results you deserve

The SECRET to getting the results you deserve


Resolutions, diets, and goals – oh my!

It’s number one again in 2017.

Coming in at 21.4% of ALL resolutions is weight loss – healthy eating.

It’s a constant winner every year.

People really want this. YOU really want this.

They write it down, they resolve it, the “Law of Attraction” it, they meditate on it, they pray about it, they Google it, they visualize it, they try it, they play with it and in the end sometimes they cry about it…

Yes, you may have even cried about this.

We want you to be able to stick to it and make it a lifestyle this time and not just another diet.

I really wish I could fast forward you all to January 30th so you could see what I’ve seen the past few weeks interviewing the speakers for The 2017 Kick Sugar Summit.

Just this morning’s interview is life changing.

A mom, wife, and sugar educator, in that order. Wise beyond her years and leading the way for 1,000’s of people already in over 10 years of teaching people.

And what did she say was THE most important ingredient in the mindful quest to walk away from sugar and re-capture your life, your weight, and your health?



She called it: “Building Scaffolding”

Building layers of support to “bridge” you over the rough spots.

People, systems, groups and yes even making friends with yourself to “expect” that there will be a few bumps in the road and to be prepared.

She described it as treating yourself exactly how you would treat a child. You’re bound to have upset and rough times being a parent. But you’re prepared. You know enough as the adult to soothe the child – much like you will soothe yourself when times get rough during your sugar withdrawals.(with a little help)


If you want to hear more our esteemed guest speaks on Monday, January 30th. Register to watch for free.

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