My Sobriety Date is Today – The Day After Valentines

My Sobriety Date is Today - The Day After Valentines


Can you guess why?

Yeah, it involves a woman.

Emotions are hard to deal with when you’re using substances to numb yourself.

It’s like you’re a child who never really matured and now you have grown up issues to deal with WITHOUT your drug(s) of choice.

32 years ago today I put down all mind and mood altering drugs for good.

Or so I thought.

I just doubled down on the socially acceptable ones – sugar and caffeine.

For another 3 or 4 years I OD-ed on both. I can’t really even tell you my clean date from sugar or caffeine. I struggle for years with both once I decided I needed to quit – and no one, including me, was counting sugar days at that time.

I do know it’s been over 28 years since I used either as I have the most gorgeous, brilliant  27 year old identical twins who never had sugar or caffeine in the womb or till they were six years old. How I ever talked my ex-wife into that one I’ll never know.

Over the years I’ve seen every possible incarnation of a sugar addict know to man.

I’ve helped thousands of people quit and my life has been altered by the journey.

Some folks say I’m extreme.

The folks that have decided to join me in the sugar-free life say “thanks.”

My fellow recovering substance use disorder mates used to call me “the weird addiction specialist.” lol

I really kind of liked that name.

Of the 100 or so folks who had previously quit drugs and alcohol first – and then quit sugar – almost 100% said quitting sugar was harder!

So be kind to yourself. This is no easy task.

Since the first of the year we’ve had an influx of folks from the various sugar detoxes out there. Some have yo-yo ed through 3 or 4 or more – only to return to the sugar and gain all the weight they lost back.

Our specialty and our claim to fame is the long game – true recovery.

Sure we’ll get you detoxed but we’ll also help keep you off sugar.

Today is the 45 day check in from the first of the year and your resolutions. A good time to evaluate how you’re doing and set a course for the rest of the year…

If you’re ready to put this sugar thing behind you please consider joining our little merry band of sugar-free warriors.

See you on the inside.

Of course you get all the books, videos and instructional information we have but more importantly, you get access to the super secret community of folks who are all in various stages of quitting sugar. Some slip – and they come back. Some just quit the first day and never use sugar again.

Almost all the questions you have about all this are answered almost every day. It’s truly a secret society of folks just helping each other with the one thing they were never able to do on their own – quit sugar! Join us!


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