Sugar Dependency and The Fastest Road to True Sugar Freedom

Sugar Dependency and The Fastest Road to True Sugar Freedom


Our community seems to be hung up on just exactly what to call this sugar thing we all suffer with…

I kinda like the idea of sugar dependency.

It seems softer than sugar addiction.

It’s probably more relevant to more people as well as only one-third of people are actually addicted to sugar so the rest, who are having issues at this time, would qualify as dependent on it.

Makes sense.

You want to know the whole truth?

I could care less what we call it.

Labels of all kinds have harmed people for way too many years.

What I do care about is what we

…do about it.

It’s gonna be YEARS before we fight through all the pushback the sugar producers are going to go through.

YEARS before the DSM5, names sugar as some type of sugar use disorder (DSM is the book they “officially” name psychiatric and mental health disorders in. It took 13 years to publish a new one last time!)

Do you or your loved ones have years to wait before modern science tells you what you already know?

The fastest road to fixing your issues with sugar is…

Wait for it…

Self-awareness + action = Peace with sugar

Your honesty and willingness to look deeply at yourself, for good and for bad, is evident that you are even reading this post.

So what’s your action step now?

In our humble opinion, it’s right here.

Let’s walk you out of this sugar thing once and for all.

The second formula for change:

           The CORRECT information 

    +      Awesome support

     =    Peace with sugar, weight loss, less brain fog and about 100 other things…

Get it here.

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