The Sugar Detox Defined, Described and Debunked

The Sugar Detox Defined, Described and Debunked


It’s no secret that I believe in the power of the web to disseminate information to folks.

But I’ve been saddened lately with the proliferation of “sugar detoxes” everywhere you turn.

You know the ones.

They promise you ways to get off sugar in 3, 5,10, 14, 21, 28 or 30 days.

They promise your whole life will change.

Do you see any resemblance to all the other “diets” you’ve been on in the past?  – Big promises, fancy food pictures, and weird vitamins.

Secret, special ways to help you change – that statistics prove less than 1% of people ever maintain?

First, let me say thank-you to all the folks who do all these sugar detoxes.

I truly do love them.

The awareness they are building around the world is sorely needed.

But here’s the thing that’s been proven out in our work and that of many others.

Like any diet change, reducing or quitting sugar has to be a lifestyle change.

For about one-third of people sugar has become a real, true, biochemical addiction to a substance – and all that that entails.

This is where we come in.

If you’re in the two-thirds of people that might be able to detox and then gain control of your sugar use then more power to you.

But if you’ve tried, over and over, possibly even hundreds of times to wrestle sugar under control in your life then we need to speak.

Our specialty is showing you how to, almost painlessly, incorporate a reduced sugar lifestyle into your existing life and to succeed doing it.

How to handle the food, how to handle the social isolation and how to succeed till your weight falls to a right sized body.

If you’re ready. We’re here.

If not – check out the 5,000+ folks on Facebook who follow us and just listen for a little longer. We’ll be here when you’re ready.

Let’s at least have a conversation. No pressure, no cost if you’re not 100% happy.


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