Sugar, Kids and Easter. Plus an Evil Marketing Trick

Sugar, Kids and Easter. Plus an Evil Marketing Trick


Many of you know I raised two sugar-free kids. Lots ask – what did you do at Easter time and other holidays soaked in sugar?

It was really pretty easy till they were three or so. You’re in charge of their diet, their food. My boys never even questioned it till then. In preschool, they even defended the idea to their classmates. (teachers were actually harder to convince)

We even went to Easter Egg Hunts.

We just developed a new family ritual – one that the boys loved by the way.

We told them the point of the egg hunt was to find as many eggs as you could so you could give them away to other kids who didn’t find as many or who came late!

The expression on their face as they gave the candy away was precious. Not to mention the other kids expression.

What did they know? They were three.

Were there more questions at four and still more at five? Sure. But five years is a good run. We made it to six BTW. That story for another email.

One of the reasons I started the site was the state of the obesity crisis in our children.

It just hurts my heart to know kids are now suffering from fatty liver, diabetes and other “adult” dis-eases in such huge percentages.

One of the things I have figured out over the years was an evil marketing trick too.

I found that parents will do more for their kids than they will for themselves.

Read. That. Again.

Think about it.

If you could take the fatty liver for your kid you probably would. Or diabetes.

While prevention is always harder once the bad thing occurs we always want to sacrifice everything to change the outcome.

I see my job as educating you on the bad stuff early enough that you’ll be motivated to change. The bad things that sugar causes don’t show up for decades sometimes.

You are in charge of your kids 110% – no one else.

You can set them on the right path but if your kids are like mine, and anyone else’s they are going to…

“do what you do and not what you say.”

I know I hated that concept too, but it’s true and you know it from your own life.

Evil marketing trick: It’s time to lead by example, it’s time to put on your own oxygen mask on first.

You come first – or is it your kids? You decide.

I case you’re new here you may have already seen… I’m not above guilting you into doing the right thing…  Check us out.


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