Could Walking Be The Best Drug On Earth?

Woman walking to help with sugar withdrawals

I was sitting here staring at a blank white screen wondering what I would write about sugar addiction.

My team and I take seriously the stewardship of It’s something I believe in deeply and I’ve seen the sad results of overuse first hand.

Luckily, I have also seen what happens when people quit or bring under control the sugar monster.

But today I couldn’t think of what to write about. As easy as is to say “just quit sugar and test it out to see if your life gets better”

  • the reality of actually doing it is always much harder – as we all know.

So sometimes it’s hard to think of an idea  that would help people get from where they are to where they want to be with their sugar intake.

A lot of people ask about exercise.

Would it help? Is it necessary? What kind should I do?

If you’re new here my take on exercise is a little outside the norm of dieting and exercise, of weight loss and “burning calories” or the old calories in calories out crap. Yes, crap.

So as I started to write (or tried to) my mind just wasn’t cooperating. It was kind of mushy soft, just not into the task at hand.

Then I thought “when was the last time I took a good walk?”

It’s been a wild week as the site is exploding. I was at an event all weekend and just couldn’t get a walk in.

Now I usually walk 12 to 15 miles a week so I was feeling the difference.

I was irritable. I lacked focus. My mind was not processing anything.

So I just took a walk.

For about an hour around the park.

No gear, no gym membership and no extra clothes needed. Just good shoes and regular clothes.

Right now I literally have a little buzz on. An elevated sense of well being. The idea for this article came while I was walking in the fresh air and sunshine.

If you look back on some of the older posts you’ll see that I tout exercise as a way to help you get off sugar but not for the reasons most diets do. (this is definitely not a diet).

Exercise is great for feelings of well-being.

It’s great for helping to heal your dopamine receptors that have beat up by the constant use of sugar.

The idea that you can “burn off weight” or burn off food somehow has damaged more people than it has helped.

Entire books have been written explaining the calorie thing so I’ll spare you here.

What exercise does help with is your mind.

With you your emotions.

With your feeling of well being.

That’s where the power is.

Need an idea? Take a walk

Need to calm down? Take a walk

Want to quit sugar? Take a walk.

As a matter of fact, I suggest in my book  that you start to walk 30 days before you quit.

Get the habit ingrained in you being before you “need” it to manage the wild emotions that will come with sugar withdrawals.

Walking saved my life. I’m serious.

I think it can do the same for you.

Just open the door and go. Everything  looks better after and is somehow easier.

I’d suggest 20 minutes to start. Just look at your watch. (leave the phone at home) 10 minutes out and turn around. Then in a few days make it 30.

Don’t over complicate it.

Just do it.

Once you’re in the habit then you’re ready for a sugar detox and the accompanying withdrawals. You’ll have a powerful tool to turn to.

Ever hear the phrase “walk it off”. It’s not the weight (but that will happen) it’s the psychic hell that is sugar withdrawals. That’s what you’ll be walking off and walking through.

I hope this helped. Sometimes we just need someone to tell us to do something and that it’s OK.

If you want to get started right away “walking off the sugar” just head over here. Quit Sugar Now.

We know lots of folks come see us for weight loss. It’s the how they come through the door first. But I promise you the peace of mind from quitting or controlling sugar becomes a greater reward. That said, there is absolutely no formula on earth to drop from whatever weight you are at now to a right sized body than walking and quitting sugar.       Check us out Quit Sugar Now.

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