What’s The Fastest Way to Sugar Freedom?

What’s The Fastest Way to Sugar Freedom?


People think it’s warm all the time in Southern California. Well, and I can hear the northerners screaming, 40’s and 50’s at night is not warm to me.

It’s finally getting to those two months a year I dream about year round. I tell folks I only have one goal in life: To be able to have the windows open 24/7. Good sleeping weather(high 50’s and low 60’s) and 70’s and 80’s during the day. All temps are Fahrenheit for our non-US readers.

As best as I can calculate that may require a couple of places (or three)during the year so keep your fingers crossed for me.

On a side note I do believe that if you can get fresh air (no Air Conditioning and no heat) into your bedroom at night you’ll see drastic changes in both your weight and your overall health – fast.

So What is the fastest way to sugar freedom?

In a word: Acceptance.

A decidedly philosophical answer to what, given the obesity pandemic on this planet, most folks think is willpower and exercise.

But bear with me.

I’m hoping you follow my emails and our Facebook page and you understand that there are now two camps of understanding as to what causes(and cures) weight gain.

The old camp believes that fat is the culprit and with the help of the processed food industry built our food supply around that idea.

The second camp has had the courage recently to fight that old school and now courageously state that it’s sugar and refined grains that cause unwanted weight gain.

After being in the second camp for almost 30 years and working with people from all walks of life and all ages and from having tons of successes – you know which camp I’m in.

So exactly where does the “Acceptance” part come in?

The acceptance part comes in when you look in the mirror.

Accepting that your system might be slightly different than other folks. That you may have a sensitivity to refined sugar and flour.

Accepting that, through no fault of your own, you may have developed a little sugar habit that needs attending to now.

Accepting that the “cure” takes some commitment to do things that you would rather not do.

And finally accepting that it’s OK to be a little different than the people around you so that you can be healthy for yourself. That it’s OK to do this one thing for yourself. Even if some of the folks close to you don’t like it at first.

But they may like the thinner you. (You certainly will) They may like the nicer you. Of all the success stories I hear the one where people stop being crab apples give me the most joy.

And they will certainly love the more active you – and dare I say sexier!

If you’re ready to accept reality as it is and walk out of denial. We’re here for you.

The private group is getting so awesome! Folks from one day to decades free of sugar are in there just supporting the hell out of one another. I know you’re dying to check it out. Soon you’ll have to pay monthly to belong. Take advantage of these last few days of one small payment.


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