3, 7, 10, 14, 21, & 30-Day Sugar Detoxes: Which is Right for You?

3, 7, 10, 14, 21, & 30 Day Sugar Detoxes. Which is Right for You?


It seems every health educator on the Internet has a sugar detox these days!

I’m Soooo… very happy for the awareness building they are all doing.

It is making the first part of my job easier.

All these great educators and news outlets are fanning the flames of all the new scientific studies that say how bad sugar is for our bodies.

Guys, everybody KNOWS by now we are not supposed to eat as much sugar as we’ve been eating.

But the question remains: How do we stop?

While I think all the 3 to 30-day detoxes will be helpful …the answer to which one is right for you is sadly:

… None of them …and all of them.

In order to control sugar in your life, you do need to physically stop using sugar for a time.

There needs to be a 100% break from your old pattern.

Your body needs to heal…

The point is not what you do for the first 30 days – it’s…

  ….What do you do AFTER that?

That’s when the problems come in.

That’s when the failures come in.

…But that’s also where the success and magic happens.

The weight loss becomes permanent, the brain fog clears and all the successes with health issues happen post detox…

We’ve become the go-to experts in the field for folks wanting long-term success with sugar.

You know this by now …success with sugar is a lifestyle change. Not a one month deal.

We’ve all done something hard for a month.

The successful incorporate it into their lives long-term.

As you well know this is not a physical game … like most things in life – it’s a mental game.

Are you ready?

Do NOT let this post stop you from doing a detox! But always remember we are here when you’re ready to go all the way!


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