Introducing the

30 Day Challenge

Sugar Free In Just One Month!


Imagine in just thirty (30) days…

You’ve dropped more weight than any diet you’ve ever been on, lost inches from your waist and you’re sleeping better to boot. Not to mention the lifting of the brain fog and the clearer skin

You actually feel comfortable saying no to sweets and people accept your new stance with ease.

Have you thought about different types of medical interventions?

Gastric sleeve? Bariatric surgery? Inpatient treatment?

Many are not covered 100% by insurance and could run as high as $30,000 for one month of treatment or one procedure.

The 30-Day Challenge – Online Detox and Learning Intensive with Unlimited Online Follow-up and peer recovery coaching

Just listen to what a few of our sugar free members have to say …

This is what is included …

Four one and a half-hour “core” lessons on quitting sugar the right way…

An online forum with 3,800+ sugar-free warriors meeting daily 24/7/365 (grandfathered in forever)

Weeknight video support meeting (grandfathered in forever)

30-day challenge videos and 100-page guide guidebook.

Select videos of over 75 of the best educators from the Sugar Summit(s)

A one hour consult with a certified sugar freedom peer recovery coach



But if you act today all of this is yours for just…

Just $97.00 dollars

Join the challenge

The 30-day

Sugar Freedom Challenge

Start the new year with a science-based, proven life-hack that KILLS sugar cravings, rewires your brain for long-term fat burning, and melts pounds away…

**We do reserve the right to raise the price to ensure quality trained peer coaches and forum moderators to new student ratios. We occasionally have to limit enrollment so as to make sure everyone gets the attention they need.**

We are training coaches as fast as we can but occasionally we have to slow down to catch up.

PS: This may also be an opportunity for you to one day soon. You see EVERY ONE of our trained peer recovery coaches and moderators first went through our program to quit or reduce sugar and today make a living helping others to do the same!

If you ever thought of someone who loves to help others you may soon consider joining us!

This is a system that is working today for thousands of people. Once you meet them you’ll know that you too can put sugar use and abuse behind you and built a new lifestyle where YOU are in control of sugar in your life

If by chance this doesn’t happen for you we want you to feel perfectly comfortable in asking for 100% of your purchase price to be refunded with absolutely no questions asked!

Let me take all the risk.

Our Ironclad 100% Refund Policy:

If at any time in the next 30 days you feel like this way of quitting or controlling sugar in your life is not working for you just ask for a complete refund…No questions asked. We will refund your entire purchase price cheerfully.

The only thing I ask is that we at least speak.

Meaning we have at least have a conversation with a peer recovery coach, personally trained by me, or myself so you can really get a feel for how we can help you. If after that you feel it’s not for you, I’ll understand completely.

I’m sure you really want to quit sugar…?

And you know you’re simply not getting the results you want on your own?…? Please don’t be shy now.

Let’s do this thing!

30 Day Challenge

Sugar Free in just One Month!

If you know you’re ready to put sugar behind you for good then check out our successful challenge and all the folks that have succeeded in removing sugar from their life right here…

Start the 30 Day Challenge


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