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How sugar ruins your health. Sweet Suicide.

Moms watch a three year old melt down before your eyes, after just six teaspoons of sugar. Nancy Appleton was one the first real sugar educators. In this short clip of her amazing documentary you’ll see the devastation that sugar can cause first hand. Do yourself and your family a

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Sugar withdrawals and sugar detox: Easy or hard?

Why you can’t withdrawal from sugar overnight. Why do most of start every day with: “Today is going to be the day I quit sugar” or we say that night: “tomorrow I’ll really do it.” It’s like Bill Murray in Ground Hog Day, same day over and over. Charlotte gives

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Sugar: The Bitter Truth

The Science of Sugar Addiction. “I’ve struggled to come up with the first video to put here on It looks like I will need to come up with my own videos as there seems to be a huge lack of videos out there. Dr. Lustig covers the science here.

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