Day 5: Treating Myself

Day 5 and I’m doing good. No major cravings, no breakdowns, no slip ups or having to use my Phone A Friend option. Though I have to admit just the thought of having to phone my awesome supporter has so far been enough of a deterrent away from any potential threat!

I’ve increased my fat intake with more cheese than I normally eat and I think that has actually helped with the cravings and such. I think next week, I’ll try a little less cheese and more avocados and such. What other sugar, flour, meat free foods would be good for this do you think?

Ok, I have to admit when I eat a pretty big meal; like I did for lunch today, afterwards I generally feel like I want a little something sweet. What is that? I’ve never been a desert person (not that I don’t like sweets obviously, but never been one when I eat to have to have a desert right after), but it must be some type of conditioning, because, I’m not really “hungry.” After lunch today, I felt good, full…maybe it was the thought of going back to a boring chore I didn’t enjoy made me want a little boost. hmmm….

I do think the fact that I have been so focused and busy this week has actually helped me with my cravings, because it has kept me from being bored or have time to get stressed. I believe that also knowing I have to call someone if I want to eat a sweet or report it here for you to see has also helped to dampen my cravings. Another good reason to have that accountability set up…I know when I’m left to my own devises I’m not so strong!!

RewardI did go to the store to pick up fruit and totally got sucked into plantain chips. No sugar, no flour, but still not the healthiest choice. I was feeling snacky. I think I felt that I deserved a treat after a long, semi-stressful but good diet week. I know I need to break myself of using food as a reward. That just causes a downward spiral of bad behaviors. However, I AM glad that I didn’t “treat” myself to sugar! 🙂

So if I quit using food to reward myself, what should I replace it with?

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