Day 7: Donuts are Evil!

Up till nearly 4am last night, meant sleeping in LATE and thus no breakfast for me.

Little craving this morning, but quiche and pineapple was yummy and satisfying. I admittedly was a little down about how unproductive I was yesterday, so this probably sparked the craving.

I can’t believe my full-time employment will be over in just about 2 weeks! it’s exciting but stressful; so I’m proud of myself that as a stress eater I’ve handled this week pretty well and resisted the urge for sugar! I think being very busy, really helped, because I just didn’t really have time to think.

Fingers crossed that this coming week will be as good. I believe last time I cut sugar it was somewhere in week 2 that I broke down and cried when passing the Publix bakery, even though I have never before purchased anything there!

Cutting sugar does weird things to you, so stay tuned to see if I have any big break evil donutdowns in week 2!

So, come on, confession time, have you ever broken down in public over a donut? This can’t just be me!

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