Sugar and Binge Eating

Sugar and Binge Eating

Most people don’t binge on broccoli.

Or other leafy greens and lean meats.

Most of you know by now that my worldview and my view of sugar use and abuse stems from a more addiction lens than a pure health lens.

That the issue(s) with the stuff are more about the effects sugar has on our brains and emotions than our body.

This is not to negate the havoc it wreaks on our body – it surely does that too – but that the brain and emotions are driving the bus and we need to look there to control the issue.

So what about sugar and binges?

Well if you ascribe to the possibility that sugar could possibly (I use all the possibles for you folks still new and on the fence) be a psychoactive drug that you use to just feel a pinch better each time you use it…

Then this is a simple construct.

A binge is what you do when you just consciously or unconsciously say F&%k it.

When you want to not think or feel – just for a few minutes.

I say unconsciously because many folks never uncover why they binge until they get some time away from both the binge and the sugar.

I always have to say I’m not a doctor for your safety and mine…

30 Day Challenge

Sugar Free in just One Month!

If you know you’re ready to put sugar behind you for good then check out our successful challenge and all the folks that have succeeded in removing sugar from their life right here…

but after thirty plus years working with bingers and addicts of all stripes, I can unequivocally tell you that most people can’t figure out WHY they binged until after they stop.

And our experience is that if they eliminate sugar from their diet their binges stop or greatly reduce rapidly.

What do you have to lose?

Why not try a few days, weeks or months without sugar and see what happens?

[Take this short quiz to see if you might have a small susceptibility to sugar]

It’s hard to convey in print or even in a conversation but check out what Sylvia wrote just a few days ago in our private group:

“By the end of today, I’ll be 6 weeks free. Wow, I can’t believe I’d ever see 6 weeks. More than 1000 hours where I haven’t…..


planned what I could secretly eat,

wondered how I could eat the kids’ food without them noticing,

eaten fast food or takeaways,

gone to events and concentrated purely on what I was going to eat,

eaten until I felt sick,

cried with shame and guilt

1000 hours where food hasn’t been the highlight of my day, my solution to everything. I want to cry with happiness that I’ve made it this far. I would NEVER have been able to do it without the support of this group. I have never before felt such a ‘belonging’ and such support before. Here’s to the next 1000 hours… ?? ??”
Join us here.

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