Do You Ever Feel Guilty About Putting Your Needs First?

Do You Ever Feel Guilty About Putting Your Needs First?


I’m the first to admit I’m a huge people pleaser. It’s taken me years to break the worst of it. The bottom line is always me trying to control others by being “nice.”

It almost always ends in me being resentful.

Taking care of yourself first seems to go against the Catholic guilt and narcissistic manipulation I grew up with.

Ever hear the phrases: “Who do you think you are?” or my favorite: “You’re getting a little bit big for your britches there.” Both are subtle control methods used by not so progressive parents.

Many of us were brought up feeling guilty for thinking about or trying to take care of our own needs. Women especially. They were trained to care for others

Many, many of our clients feel like taking the time and diet changes our program entails will take time away from their spouses and children.

Seriously, it a huge issue in the forums.

They believe that taking time for a massage or even a simple walk around the block somehow takes away from “the family.”


How many of you have ever flown on an airplane?

Have you ever listen to the pre-flight announcements?

You know the one where they tell you to put YOUR oxygen mask on first before you try and help anyone else?

I mean seriously, this needs to change.

I don’t care about your family right now.  Seriously, my concern is you. You’re reading an email about change.

You aren’t any good to them if you are unhappy about yourself. You think you’re putting on a good front but really, and you know this,  – kids know. And spouses know too…

If any of this rings a bell with you – jump over here and let me walk you out of it.

Once you’re yourself again you can truly be there for your family again.

When I would ask my father: “Why don’t any of the other kids have to do the dishes after dinner?” He’d reply: “Mike, you know you do the best job. Do it for your mother, she works hard.” He was one charming manipulator – I fell for it every time. Our learned programming is not our future. Let us help you bring into the light the real issues with sugar.


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