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Students aren’t just satisfied, they banished their sugar cravings
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Shere Conway MD

She calls the 30-Day Challenge a “Godsend”

“Cravings are non-existent” She’s tried BrightLineEating, Paleo, and more but sugar was still an issue. So far her memory has improved, she’s sleeping better AND she’s lost 15 pounds.

Karen Kuehnert

62 and proud of it.

She’s been on a diet since she was 7 years old. She was focused on numbers (as in weight, calories, macros, etc) her whole life. She went to WeightWatchers ™  at 16 with her mom. She was a WW discussion leader at two different times in her life and tried LOTS of diets, a trainer, Apps, Intermittent Fasting, and more.

Joy McHargue

Joy didn’t join us to lose weight… She came to feel better

She’s been dieting since her mid 20’s  Now she is sleeping better, she feels better and her skin is looking better. Joy says: “To feel my body and my mind healing has been a gift and I want to share it with others!”

Tracy Desjardins

“When I cried as a baby they gave me a cookie.

I was a lifetime member of Weight Watchers ™  I was on the Zone ™ and others.

I tried to out-exercise a bad diet. 

My love came from sugar.

I feel better at 50 then I did at 30. 3 weeks into quitting sugar my chronic low back pain disappeared!”

Sly j Watts

An addict in long-term recovery. 5 ½ years drug and alcohol-free but the sugar was a problem.


“If you name a diet I have tried it”


“The program was exactly what I needed

I went form 200 pounds to 140 in just over a year”

Barbara Grant

“I lost 20 pounds, my skin is clearer and I have less arthritis pain in my hands.”


“Being in this community has been a lot of FUN!”


“The 30-Day Challenge is some of the best money I’ve ever spent”

Deborah Bess

“I learned young that something smooth, creamy, and sweet would soothe whatever pain I had.”

“I quit smoking and soothed the pain with sugar.

“I got to 250Lb and lost 50lbs – only to gain it back TWICE! I even tried Bariatric Surgery and lost 100 lbs! But gained 50 back…”

Judy Stubanas

“I had an Italian grandmother and food was huge in our house.

What got me was that the videos described what I would go through emotionally. It helped to know what was coming.

I’m finally approaching my right-sized body.”

Bethany & Mike

Gail Best

Debi Francis

Jenny Hartman

... this is what success looks like

From our forum with over 7,000+ people!

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