Sugar Addiction Awareness Day. October 30th

Should sugar addiction have it’s own day? And is that day Halloween Eve?

I wish I thought of this.  Author Jill Escher has come up with
a long overdue and needed idea.  A day when we turn the
awareness of what we all know is true for some people: “That
sugar addiction is real, it’s harmful and it hurts people.”

As much as we want to fight it, as much as we want to deny it
we all know, deep in our hearts that ingesting sugar in large
amounts (or any amount in my opinion) is harmful to our health.

The idea that we give sugar to kids is just now, I think, coming
into the gray zone. The zone where we know it’s bad for them,
we know WE struggle with sugar and weight, sugar and disease
and darn we probably shouldn’t give it young kids. But we just
seem to go along with society still. May I remind you: these are
YOUR kids.

What a perfect day to celebrate Sugar Addiction Awareness Day.

Halloween Eve. Probably the most contrived day of sugar abuse
in history. Sugar addiction and Halloween, kids obesity and
Halloween, it seems that the courage Ms Escher has in bringing
these deep, dark societal secrets to the forefront should be rewarded.

She has come up with some great ideas for a sugar free Halloween.
You can check out her site and get lots of ideas.

I look forward to joining all the other bloggers in the blog-a-thon to
help promote this day.

For more information about S.A.A.D. (great acronym huh?)

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