The Myth of the Keto-Flu and other Sugar Detox Myths Exposed!

Watch this video if you have tried and tried to quit sugar.

If you’ve done a sugar detox or tried a new diet and could do everything the diet required EXCEPT get off the sugar!

What people saying?

I hit the 1 month mark today. My fasting blood sugar readings have averaged 95 in the last month with my highest readings coming during week one. (Prior to my detox my fasting blood sugar levels were between 110 and 120, sometimes a little higher). I am down 14 pounds. And I don’t feel hungry. I look at all my husband snacks on in the evening and think he’s killing himself but unfortunately there is nothingI can do (except cook healthy meals). He needs to want to do it himself. Hopefully as he sees my success he will want to do it too.

– Angelica

I am 2.5 years off sugar, lost 35 pounds and I feel better than I have for years. Also, no sugar craving at all. By the way, I am 73 fo it can be done even for us fossils. 🙂 Thank you Mike Collincs for all your encouragement.

– Sharon Lee

Day 358 & I just got through my birthday with no sugar BUT I did get a sugar free cake of silken tofu, cashew nuts & mango. It was lovely & I’m still going good. I have no urge for sugar or anything processed & I really dislike bread now.. it’s possible people. Stay strong & keep at it. The journy is tough but AMAZING!! I’ve learnt so much, developed more patience & I can honestly say I love myself.

– Laura

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