Conquering Your Sugar Denial

Conquering Your Sugar Denial


Why is this so darn hard?

Why, since the 1980’s have so many people gain so much weight?


De-Nile is NOT a river in Egypt. Bad joke I know.

Denial is a symptom of the dis-ease of addiction. A symptom whereby we deny that we have a problem.

It’s the wildest thing.

You’ve seen it in alcoholics.

You tell them they’re fired, I’m divorcing you or you need to get your act together around the booze and they say: “I don’t have a problem.”

You tell a diabetic they might die if they keep eating sugar and they “try” for a few weeks but usually return the same diet as before.

Die..  you told them they might die.. And they still ingest the stuff?

So what’s the answer?

Usually, so say the addiction experts, a person needs to hit rock bottom. A near death health experience, a job loss, hitting 200 or even 300 pounds or more – or some other major bad life experience in order to recover.

To that, I say hogwash, pure hogwash.

The elevator stops on every floor.

You don’t need to crash the elevator into the basement so you can crawl, battered and bloodied, back up the stairs to the first floor.

You can just push the button for the first floor and walk out with your dignity and self-respect intact. You then start the process of changing your life.

“But I’m not an addict or anything..”

Hear it all the time.

“I just like my sweets. I’ve always just had a sweet tooth.” (I freaking hate that saying)

We need to deal in reality folks.

Today is the someday you’ve always talked about. Today is the day you always dreamed about. Today is the day you change your life for good.

You know you want to see what’s inside all those videos – you want to read that book.

The curiosity is killing you..

But more than anything you’re dying to see the inside of that secret Facebook group.

Are there really all kinds of people with one day to multiple years in there just chatting away everyday – happy and sugar-free?  Yup!  

And you really want to quit sugar and see how you’ll feel and if you lose any weight.

So, not to sound like a Nike commercial but:

Just Do It!

Over and out for today.

No more delays, no more excuses.

(Sorry I get like this sometimes. It hurts my heart to watch people suffer.)


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