Sugar Addiction Challenge Day 3: Watermelon is My Friend!

Felt good this morning when I woke up. The morning was good; awake, motivated and no bad cravings. Ok, a little distracted, but with so many balls in the air right, it is easy to bounce around a bit!

Another big catered lunch meeting today, so there were tempting leftovers in the kitchen. The brownies and bread rolls shockingly didn’t phase me, but I did totally splurge on the rice. Probably not great for me (not brown rice), but it is still on my no sugar, no flour track, so I feel ok about it! 🙂  However, I do think I might have been substituting the rice for being tempted by the other naughties. It is tough when it is just there in your face. I wouldn’t have craved it if I hadn’t walked into the kitchen…that darn kitchen is an evil place!

I think rice ended up making me feel tired. By 3pm, I wanted to do a face plant on my desk! Started drinking a lot of water and ended up feeling better in about a half hour. I did avoid the break room though, because I always get bad cravings when I’m tired. Better to stay away from temptation.

I had a good evening; lots of energy and motivation. On the drive home from work, I was craving something (not sure what, just something), so I stopped at the grocery and bought fruit and pigged out on watermelon when I got home. That is one of my FAVORITE fruits and shockingly, though I think it is one of the sweetest fruits, it actually contains less natural sugar than most other fruit! So cravings satiated and got in some more good work before bed.

Successful Sugar Free Day


So overall day 3 was a success! I would love to hear of your stories about cutting sugar; leave a comment below or joint me on the Sugar Addiction Facebook page!


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