Sugar Addiction Challenge Day 4: Can’t Go It Alone

Woke up feeling good and motivated this morning. I’ve been good so far. Had stuff right under my nose yesterday and today, but resisted without too much effort. Felt snacky around 3:30pm today, probably because I just finished 1 big project and I only have a couple little ones left, yet I still have over 2 weeks left until my job ends. I hate boredom…and it makes me want to eat to give me something to do!!

I have little twinges, but nothing major yet. Since I’ve gone through this process before, I know that I might have a breakdown when I pass the bakery on the way to the produce in the grocery sometime next week (yes this happened to me the first time I cut sugar)! LOL. Luckily Mr. Health Guy is my “sponsor” and volunteered to go shopping with me.

This is an important point. Solo journeyWhen I’ve done this before, it’s always been on my own and usually everyone I’m around doesn’t understand and often still offer me items they know I’m trying to quit. So it is REALLY hard to resist and be the lone person in my sphere on this journey. I would always hear “One won’t hurt you” “Everything in moderation” “What is the point of life if you don’t indulge and enjoy it” etc, etc.

And I know, for some, those points are probably valid and ok, but I’ve discovered for me with sugar, there is no such thing as moderation or ONE. I do much better if I can just resist, than if I eat 1 bite (those people who can have one bit and then put it down and walk away drive me nuts!).

Once I start, I will demolish whatever is there. Sad, but true.

So I feel very lucky that I have the Health Guy as my support system and “sponsor.” He is there to help me through the grocery store and to pick up the phone WHENEVER I call to talk me out of picking up the holiday candy or the pastry put out for our infamous monthly birthday celebrations at work.

And that is why I’m making my journey public so that you don’t have to go it alone either!

If you are ready to take this challenge as well, I HIGHLY encourage you to find a friend who understands and respects what you are trying to do and is willing to be there for you. Support communityAlso use this forum to interact with others here on the site and on the Sugar Addiction Facebook page.

Help each other out! Be a support system; exchange numbers so you all have at least 1 person to call if you’re craving so they will help talk you out of it. Having battled this now for over a year, I know that it makes all the difference!

I need more help beating this sugar addiction; what is your best trick to avoiding temptation?

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