Toxic Calories: The Long Awaited Funeral of Empty Calories


What a stupid name…

Empty Calories.

Back before all the new science came out it might have made sense.

Kinda like Empty Alcoholism don’t you think?

So let me get this straight.

Almost every news outlet on the planet has run a story chronicling the studies that come out every day now about how bad both sugar and highly processed wheat are for people. But still lingering is this idea of “empty calories.”

These are calories that scream, by their outdated definition and the public’s still current understanding of them,

– “No harm, no foul.”

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You can eat them, a little every day says the US government, and, get this, …you can feed them to your kids …in moderation of course.

I know of almost no one who does either of those things (a little or moderation) when it comes to sugar.

It’s kinda like saying beer is empty alcohol.

If you have a problem with booze a few “empty beers” won’t hurt you.

Anybody ever see that workout?

How can I transmit to you, without breaking their anonymity, the thousands of desperate messages and pleas for help getting off sugar I’ve received? The desperation in their voices, the length of time they’ve suffered alone.

In over thirty years helping drug addicts and alcoholics get clean and sober I have never seen such fear, pain, and worry as I do daily with sugar.

I’m personally so afraid for the kids, for the next generation. The buck has to stop somewhere. The esteemed Dr. Lustig calls fructose “The alcohol of the child.”

Are you ready to step up?

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