Are you a Sugar Addict?

Take The Sugar Addiction Quiz

It’s as simple as a little yes or no quiz.

The Sugar Addiction Quiz:

Just count your yes or no answers here.
If you have to eat something sugary while
taking the test just skip the test and get
some help.

1. Do you eat refined sugar every day?
Yes or No

2. Do you joke about being “addicted” sugar or bread?
Yes or No

3. Does the idea of living without sugar or bread make you uneasy, anxious or sad?
Yes or No

4. Can you go one day without eat a product containing sugar?
Yes or No

5. Have you ever hidden candy or other sweets around your house to eat them later?
Yes or No

6. Are you children eating to much sugar, or always asking for it?
Yes or No

7. Are your emotions out of control? Do you feel depressed?
Yes or No

8. Do you make excuses and find ways to eat what you really crave but then feel guilty about it?
Yes or No

9.Can you go more than three hours without eating and not experience the shakes, fatigue,
perspiration, irritability, depression or anxiety?
Yes or No

10. Does it exhaust you to constantly fight your urges to eat sugar and white flour based foods?
Yes or No


1 to 3 Yes answers = pretty normal
3 to 5 Yes answers = you might want to look at getting help. Start in the forum LINK
5 to 10 Yes answers = you definitely qualify as a sugar addict and might want to seek help.

Again start HERE – it’s free and the people are really kind and helpful.

Do you like these little sugar addiction quizzes?  We have another one ==> HERE!

All these sugar addict quizzes are fun to take but you also may want to take them seriously.
Sugar addiction is deadly to the body. We all know about the weight gain but did you know
there over 140 symptoms, diseases and reasons to quit sugar? Look for them in my next post.


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