The Step by Step of Quitting Sugar

The Step by Step of Quitting Sugar


I’m really happy about what’s going on in the world of sugar education.

Major medical doctors and research scientists are coming out with study after study telling the general public exactly what’s what when it comes to the dangers of over-consuming sugar.

It kind of warms my heart after almost 30 years at this.

It’s like turning a huge battleship around.

It’s been a slow process. Still, folks are reluctant to give up their lifelong “treats and sweets.”

More and more people come around daily. (Yeah)

When they do – they all want “a system.”

They want the step by step, paint by numbers solution to this thing they’ve wrestled with for years – some for decades.

Every health educator out there now has a “sugar detox” plan to add to their already existing health regime.

I LOVE that they are getting the message out to their folks.

But, you see, here’s the issue.

“Detoxing” from sugar may as well be a fad diet. It certainly acts like one. And as we’ve said many times before – almost ALL of the diets out there include quitting or cutting back on the white stuff.

So here’s the problem.


A ten dollar word for –

“No one can STAY stopped.”

We are working on internal surveys as I type this. But if I had to guess, all of our clients have been on at least ten diets and one or two sugar detoxes before they got to us.

The diet industry research bears me out.

Less than 1% of dieters actually succeed in keeping off any weight they lose and most regain it all and then some.

Well, we’ve figured out the secret formula to solving that issue.

It’s that step by step.

You see the game really starts after you are detoxed. Yup. Detox is just your ticket in.

Call it your price of admission.

Then we kick in…

We solve the recidivism issue.

Our folks “Stay Stopped.”

It’s not rocket science.

We’ve just seen so many folks go through the process we now know what to do and how to beat that yo-yo effect.

It would be a lie and I’d be giving you false hope if I told you this was easy. Besides when we do that we get a bunch of folks who aren’t really ready.

If you’re really ready – check out this short video and let’s talk further.

Most folks want us to tell them what to eat. They want a food plan. We absolutely have that. But to be honest – after you’re off the sugar it becomes less and less important. See why here.


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