New Sugar Detox Program Coming! [Excerpt Here]

New Sugar Detox Program Coming! [Excerpt Here]


We’re hard at work on a new sugar detox program. One that addresses the real issues that keep people stuck. **Hint** It’s not the food, the exercise, or the recipes!

I decided, for the folks that are still struggling a little, to give you an excerpt.


If you’re serious today click here.


Starting excerpt….

Preparing yourself.

The first and most important step in preparing yourself is to determine your WHY!!

Why are wanting to reduce or eliminate sugar in your life?

This step may take some soul searching but it is absolutely mandatory, at this juncture that you sit for a minute and ask yourself WHY you want to quit sugar.

Is it for weight loss?

Is it because of a diabetes diagnosis?

Other health issues?

Once you’ve determined your why you need to write it down. Put it on a 3×5 card, get it laminated and put it in your wallet. Make it your screensaver. Tattoo it on your forearm….

In short, do whatever it takes to see this mantra every day.

So let’s say your “why” is the following:

“I need to quit sugar to stem the tide of this yearly weight gain, finally get healthy again and to be able to live to see my kids get married and have children”

It’s a solid why. It tells you exactly why you need to push through the difficult times.

Once you settle on the reason why it will help if you do this exercise.

Sit quietly and visualize your ideal self without sugar. Close your eyes and see and feel exactly what your life would be like. See your new body at your goal weight. See and feel how that feels, how you feel in the world. Being able to say a simple no to sugar and mean it this time.

See yourself celebrating one year off sugar and actually look at your NEW self in the mirror.

This little exercise seems silly but it is the basis of almost all personal and self-development programs.

Don’t worry there is lots of actual nuts and bolts, and honestly a little hard work, to come but for now, I just want you to tap into your imagination and see your ideal future. Take as long as you need.

“Borrow from the beauty of the future to enroll yourself in the activities of today”

Then set a goal. How long you detox is up to you.

We suggest 30 days but anything more than a week will help. This a self-paced program. We’re always there to help but eventually, you need to be making your own decisions around sugar.

Preparing your family… coming soon!

If you’re ready to detox now click here.

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