How Can Love Help in Sugar Addiction?

How Can Love Help in Sugar Addiction?


Not romantic love. The love for your fellow man type love…

You can’t keep what you have unless you give it away. …Anonymous old saying.

Once we admit that we may have used sugar to cover up some feelings we found difficult we are well on our way off the sugar hamster wheel.

It honestly takes some self-examination.

But more than that it takes some willingness to be open to the suggestions of others in our journey.

An openness to say to ourselves: “Maybe what I’ve been doing isn’t working.”

I’m always amazed at the willingness of the people in our secret forum group to help each other.

People with two weeks off sugar are helping people with two days. People with years are helping folks with days.

And you know what’s even better?

People with days are helping people with YEARS.

How is that possible you ask?

Have you ever heard this phrase?

If four people were sitting and a table and everyone put their problems on the table – most everyone would take their own problems back…

Suddenly, when confronted with the problems of others, our problems don’t seem that big.

We get stuck in our own problems, in our own heads (and hearts and feelings).

But once we are helping others and “get outside of ourselves” we tend to forget about our own stuff and move forward.

The act of helping another does MUCH MORE for the person doing the helping than the person being helped…

Believe it.

Think of your kids or anyone you help.

At least for me, and others I know, helping others helps me stay off sugar.

Not in terrible reminder way but in a way that my suggestions to them serve as a reinforcement for my own progress and helps keeps me safe.

We are starting an official peer mentorship group soon, not because we need the help(we do) but because we know that process will take the participants to the next level and cement in their sugar recovery.

Helping others, loving them in their tough times will help you more than it does them… (and it helps them a LOT).

If this resonates with you if this is the type of group you see yourself in… then check us out here.

I’ve said many times that lots of us come in knowing more about nutrition and diet than our doctors and nutritionists – yet we still struggle with sugar. If you see yourself helping another one day let’s get you started and off the sugar today.

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