Day 11: Why Do They Do This To Me?

Wasn’t super jazzed to get out of bed in the morning, but I must admit with my busy schedule last night I didn’t eat a good dinner…in fact I only had some popcorn. Ok, once again no sugar or flour, but not exactly a healthy good dinner either!

So I ended up making it to work, bright eyed and bushy tailed after my good breakfast, just to find that there are 6 boxes of donuts lining the counter in the kitchen. Soooooo wrong! I quickly put up my lunch box and retreated before they could start beckoning me. I’ve never been a big fan of donuts, but you never know what you will resort to when in the depths of sugar withdrawal!

Thanksgiving Dessert TemptationThen there was MORE temptation today! We had a Thanksgiving party at work for lunch, where the company supplied the Turkey and a pig thing and employees brought in a side/dessert of their choosing. So needless to say, there was a lot of really good looking options between the sides and deserts. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the luxury of avoiding the whole scene, because it was a “bonding” experience and since the vast majority of us are being laid off in 2 weeks, this was like the last hurrah.

I did ok though, I took some sugar snap peas and asparagus, but then brought in my own lunch so I could sit and chat with everyone. There were a couple dishes that looked mildly tempting, but once again I did surprisingly did well and wasn’t that tempted. I was actually even able to stand and admire the super cute cupcakes that someone made to look like reindeer.

Around 3pm, I started to feel VERY hungry. I think all the tempting food from earlier is getting to me. I was craving and ate 2 bananas to help, but I’m just kind of tired…more like exhausted and doing horribly boring work. By 4pm I was grumpy and hungry, so I munched on a little cheese and got some more water. This actually helped tremendously with my grumpiness and cravings.

But it returned when I got home when faced with having to deal with an issue that I had no control over. It didn’t help that I was still hungry and this was all triggering my cravings. So my grumpiness only got worse. This was a time when I really needed some support, encouragement and to talk through everything.

Instead I resorted to having popcorn for dinner between my client calls and then vegged on the couch to watch a little online tv for the remainder of the night.

Tomorrow will be better…right?

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