Day 12: Bad Day

Death by popcornLast night’s crappy dinner of popcorn and staying up too late vegging in front of mindless online tv shows, left me groggy this morning and still annoyed about last night. My yummy morning shake seemed to help with both my energy and my mood. Though I still had a rough time today; I don’t have any specific cravings, but just REALLY missing my comfort foods.


I started dragging a little mid morning and I recently read that eating an apple is as good of a pick me up as a cup of coffee (which I gave up about 2 years ago), so I made that my mid morning snack instead of a banana (my usual go-to snack, because they seem to fill me up). It did seem to help get me past the tired feeling!


I had trouble all day trying to snap out of the funk, but just couldn’t do it. I was very grumpy all day. It didn’t help that I wasn’t able to rescue my car from the service shop before they closed. But, I had two client calls tonight, which sometimes as much as I sometimes dread them always make happy…I do love my clients!


So 9:30 rolled around and I hadn’t had time for dinner. I was sooo craving quiche (yummy, cheesy goodness!) but by that time, I was too tired to prep it and wait and hour to have it be ready to eat. So instead I opted for a flourless grilled cheese sandwich (yes, Food for Life makes a great bread of sprouted grains, which contains no flour or sugar!). So once again on my streak of not eating the best dinner, but  I think the withdrawal is starting to hit me hard and I’ve been very grumpy and in desperate need of a little comfort food.


I feel a little better that I’m still sugar and flour free, but know I need to get over the food for comfort, boredom, treat, etc. Well, I’m only in week 2 so it’s a process and I’ll get there!
Please leave me a comment here or on our Facebook Page; I would love a little encouragement that I will get over my grumpy phase soon! 🙂

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