Day 13: Getting over the Grump!

I felt good when I woke up this morning, but I quickly went downhill. I was completely unmotivated.

I got a few errands done, but wasted most of the day on the couch watching online tv. Felt a little down and totally unmotivated.

Vegged Out

I went to the grocery and made it out without a breakdown. I did get a little bag of plantain chips and then proceeded to make a quiche. I still haven’t eaten sugar or flour, but I didn’t eat the best today, just a breakfast shake, flourless grilled cheese sandwich and quiche. That’s a lot of cheese for 1 day!!

Despite my completely lazy day, I’m actually breaking out of my grump and feeling a but more normal. It was a rough couple days, but hopefully I’m past 1 hump and making progress.

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