I’m Ready for the Sugar Addiction Challenge!

Hi! Check out the video above about how I got started on this challenge and The Health Guy’s Sugar Addiction Challenge Welcome Video as well, if you haven’t already done so!

So, here I want to give you some preliminary info on me at the start of this challenge:

  • I ruptured a ligament in my ankle just a couple of weeks ago, so I am still gimping around and not able to exercise…so it will be interesting to see my weight loss results based just on my diet!
  • I’m taking all my measurements (weight, body fat, and physical measurements) along with a “before” photo so at the end of this I can post the before AND after so we have some physical proof of how this all worked for me – nope, not going to share all that info until I can say “Ta-Da look at the difference!” I don’t just want pics of my pudgy self floating around out there solo! hehehe
  • I’m going a little beyond the sugar challenge and am also quitting flour at the same time, because I’ve found it to be a strong trigger for sugar cravings!
  • If you click on the Sugar Addiction Challenge link at the top of the post (just below the post title), this will take you to a list of all of our posts just about the Challenge. So I hope you follow me through this journey!
  • Please also use the comments here and on our Sugar Addiction Facebook page to ask questions, share your story or just little words of encouragement for me!

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