Sugar Addiction Challenge Day 1: The beginning!

Woohoo, Day 1! Woke up ready to ROCK this thing!!

Weigh-in Day 1: 139.4 lbs….NOT pleased!

I had a great breakfast and climbed 6 flights of stairs in the morning
to get to work. 1st time since before my injury!

By 10am I was tired, hungry and unmotivated. So tempted to take some
of my accrued PTO and go home, but I stuck it out. I also resisted eating
something that would give me a temporary high to keep me awake. I
didn’t eat great the day before…like it was my last meal…so I think I was
still getting that stuff out of my system. I didn’t crave my salad for lunch,
because I had forgotten all the goodies to go on it (tomato, zucchini, beans,
etc)…that made it VERY boring. I still think I wanted to eat more junk.

So I skipped lunch and didn’t end up eating until nearly 3pm. Shockingly I felt
better after that; who knew eating a little good stuff would help!?

I went to my bloodletting appointment after work (just blood donation…
nothing voodoo related I promise) and totally forgot to prep for it; I normally
eat a high protein, iron, salt and water diet prior to it, because I have weirdly
low blood pressure and need the boost. I got lightheaded ½ way through
but was saved with a small bit of apple juice. NO clue what type of juice it
was; so I might have already slipped on my first day if it had added sugar!

Think I’ll survive?

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