Day 10: Saved by a Cat!

Had an Ok morning. Was up late working so was dragging a little bit, but my breakfast perked me up. Felt a little snacky mid morning and had a banana but by 11am I was uncontrollably jittery. I get this way when I’m really tired and having trouble focusing. I think the movement helps keep me awake. I didn’t go rummage another snack though, because I really wasn’t hungry. I’m trying to break myself of eating when I’m not hungry! Though at times I really wish I could just take a nap!! I think if I just curled up under the desk no one would notice. hahaha

There were so many darn lunch leftovers in the kitchen again! Rice didn’t just call my name, it taunted me and had to be taught a lesson! So yes, I caved and had rice with my salad. But, I didn’t let the brownies sitting next to the rice beat me. So still, overall I feel like I came out victorious!

However, I should know better by now that white rice isn’t what I need to be eating in the middle of the day. 3pm rolled around and I was ready to do a face plant at my desk! So a little date ball goodness and a banana helped. I’m also trying to drink a LOT more water…that actually works really well as a pick me up.

I had a ton of work again tonight. Another long night for me; this realization hit me about 10:30 that I probably had another couple hours of work. I had been good up until this point and actually just hung up the phone with the Health Guy and saying how proud I was for not having any major cravings yet. However, settling back into work, made me all the sudden have nondescript cravings. I didn’t crave anything in particular, but I think faced with a long night of work and probably a little stress at how I’m going to get everything done, my thoughts immediately turned toward having a snack. Luckily I had a 12lb cat on my lap securing me to my chair to prevent me from finding my way toward something I would later regret!Cat Diet Control


Who knew felines could be helpful on the quest to quit sugar!?!


What is your secret weapon?


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