Day 9: Date Balls Are a Life Saver!

Pretty good day. There were cookies left over in the kitchen…really good ones from a local bakery. But I wasn’t too tempted and resisted easily by focusing on my lunch preparations.

I was actually pretty busy today, so that kept me from my bored cravings (yes, I like to snack when I’m bored…keeps me awake/gives me something to do).

Fruit Covered Date BallsI made date balls last night to have on standby if I do get strong cravings. They are soooo yummy, but contain no added bad stuff. I admit that I just munch on the “dough part” if I am sans fruit to put in the middle!

Check out the recipes page for this awesome concoction!

I was a crazy working fiend late into the night and felt a bit snacky after my dinner, so I totally dived into the date balls. Nice thing is that, to me they taste SUPER sweet, so it is a good way to satisfy that craving and I can’t eat very many. So it was a nice little desert and kept me on track and focused on my work!

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