Day 8: 1st Weight in!!

Weigh-in Day 8: WOOHOO! 134.4lbs…that means I lost 5 pounds last week!! And that was with next to NO exercise! I did walk the stairs at work I think 2 days, but that was it.

Slept in today, which was nice. I then had a good productive day. Ran errands, got a lot of work done. Since, I spilled ½ of my breakfast shake and was busy through the afternoon, I actually didn’t eat much.

I then went grocery shopping. It wasn’t too bad, but the holiday cookies did say my name as I walked by! I resisted, however the small bag of plantain chips was TOO tempting and I caved.

I was admittedly hungry when I went to the store, which was a BAD idea. I might have to get my sponsor Mr. Health Guy to go with me on my next run, because I have a feeling that next time I won’t be as strong.

So first lesson learned, eat a LOT before going to the store…oh, except I often do get weird sweet cravings after I’ve eaten a big meal. Not sure what that is about, but maybe that isn’t a good time to go shopping after all!

So Week 2 is starting out pretty well; no big cravings or major melt-downs…yet.

My corn on the cob for dinner did spark cravings for corn bread (yes, I’m southern and corn on the cob was always accompanied by corn bread!). It wasn’t so strong that I needed to run to the store to get corn meal to make some, but I did text my sponsor, Mr Health Guy, to ask if he knew of any flour-free recipes for corn bread. hehehe.  He reminded me that it was actually a sugar craving; darn him! No big trigger there for me other than a flash back to my southern upbringing and LOVING corn bread with my corn on the cob….bummer! I can live without a lot, but I am really grieving giving up corn tortillas and corn bread.

Stay tuned to see if I have any fun break downs this week and don’t forget to comment! 🙂delete cookies

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