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There’s one thing that we all know about sugar. It’s the basis for many weight loss books, diets, and publishing empires: if we cut back on sugar, we lose weight. The idea is pretty simple. So why, may I ask, is almost no one successful at this seemingly simple task?

Sugar Addiction In America

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You won’t believe what this infographic says about the sugar consumption of the average American.

Sugar, Science, Society, Addiction and You.

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Would you like to quit using sugar? Want to
“control” their sugar use. Have an occasional
treat and then just walk away and not think about it for
a few more days.

Are you a Sugar Addict?

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Take The Sugar Addiction Quiz It’s as simple as a little yes or no quiz. The Sugar Addiction Quiz: Just count your yes or no answers here. If you have to eat something sugary while taking the test just skip the test and get some help. 1. Do you eat refined sugar every day? Yes […]

Sugar Addiction Challenge Welcome!

Welcome to the Sugar Addiction Challenge

Join us in the Sugar Addiction Challenge to start on the track to health and wellness! Check out Jenna’s daily Sugar Addiction Challenge posts in her effort to go sugar free and survive the holidays. Comment below or come play on the Sugar Addiction Facebook Page. We would love your questions and feedback and I […]

What if Sugar turned out to be the most powerful drug on earth?

With the introduction of his powerful book ‘Wheat Belly’ Dr. William Davis completed a triad for me that I have been talking about for well over twenty years. I knew flour turned to sugar in your stomach and that was enough for me not to feed it to my children growing up (or ingest it […]

“Beyond Sugar Shock”

Get Beyond Sugar Shock It looks like the “help for sugar addiction” movement is building a bigger head of steam – finally. Famed author and researcher and fellow recovering sugar addict herself, Connie Bennett is coming out with a new book and a new six week plan to help people get off sugar: “Beyond Sugar […]

The Skinny on Obesity Episode One: An Epidemic for Every Body

Dr. Robert Lustig and his UCSF colleagues Barbara Laria and Elissa S. Epel start their seven part series on the obesity epidemic. The University of California at San Francisco may be the one of the most advanced institutions of learning in the nation. Their YouTube channel UCTV Prime is premiering The Skinny on Obesity (Ep. […]

How to Stop Sugar Cravings

The Easy Method to Stop Craving Sugar and Lose the Weight You Want. I’m asked a lot about sugar cravings. One: what are they? and two: how do I stop them? Sugar cravings seem to get in the way of of a lot of things. Weight loss being the number one. If not for the […]

Is Sugar Toxic? – Topic Goes Mainstream

60 Minutes reports on Sugar Toxicity with Dr Robert Lustig and Dr. Kimber Stanhope. Dr. Lustig rides again. This time with CNN reporter Dr Sanjay Gupta on assignment for 60 minutes. In the almost fourteen minute story Dr. Lustig finally comes right out and says it for a prime time audience: high fructose corn syrup […]

Drinking Sugar is Insane!

I rarely rant. I’m really a “steady as she goes” kinda guy. I believe we make our lot in life by just tackling the next thing in front of us and try to do the next right thing. But in coaching lots of people to quit sugar and, as you can well imagine, answering lots […]