The Best Sugar Addiction Podcasts of 2020

The Best Sugar Addiction Podcasts of 2020

Podcasts are taking the world by storm.

Any topic you’re interested in you can find someone talking about it somewhere in the world. (Even Sugar Addiction Podcasts)

The beauty of podcasts versus other types of media is that you can listen to them while doing other things. Driving to work, cooking, working out and even shopping.

They can be entertaining or informative, humorous or serious but most of all they can introduce you to both communities and methods of change that you have interest in…

I’ve struggled to find the time to get the word out about sugar addiction and sugar detox via my own personal podcast.

But when a glorious workaround presented itself, I had to jump on it.

You see one day the invites to be a GUEST on a podcast just started coming in!

All I had to do was show up and talk about a topic that is my life’s work. Easy Peasy!

So to date, I have been honored to be on close to 50 podcasts and counting. 

Each time the message gets a little clearer, a little more exact. 

You’d think 40 to 60 minutes would be enough time to describe how to detox from sugar and to get some serious sugar addiction help out but, and if you’ve ever been on a podcast you know, the time just flies by!

So I’ve assembled a few of the best sugar addiction podcasts I’ve done below.

If you can catch just a few of them you will see that they kind of add up to a masterclass in how to quit sugar the right way.

All the credit should go to the hosts.

Many “health coach” hosts lob softball, basic kinds of questions and never get to real issues that plague folks that struggle.

Below I have assembled the best of the best to save you time in the endless search for the great info. 

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I hope you enjoy!

Eating Enlightenment Podcast

It could be the best interview I ever did… We really rock it. Great interviewer… No softball, ho-hum, me too questions. We REALLY dig into the real ways to succeed! check it out

Eat the Damn Bread 

Deceiving title… But a great podcast about sugar addiction and sugar detox.

Cold Turkey (great name)

Great little podcast. We cover a lot of ground on this one

Addicted to Healthy 

A very advanced health educator/interviewer.

Fatso Radio? We talk Keto Flu on this one.

Great podcast. Check it out

This Podcast Burns Fat. Is Sugar a Drug?

We dive deep with some very advanced interviewers!

There are just too many to list but we will update the very best as this list grows. 

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