Physical vs Emotional Sugar Detox: Which is More Important?

Physical vs Emotional Sugar Detox. Which is More Important?


Before I walk you through exactly what to expect on days one through thirty I want to stress something. I want to split apart the physical detox from the emotional or mental detox.

This concept is key to our long-term success with our clients.

Every other detox out there focuses on the FOOD. They all have elaborate food plans and recipe books. Their emails are filled with “sugar-free” desserts and such.

While you need to adjust your diet from the one you are currently eating, my guess is you already know that.

You even know what to eat.

Our average client has been in OVER TEN different programs and reads and tried that many diets.

Most are well-meaning folks who are correct in what they describe. Low carb, no white stuff etc.

The problem is diets don’t work.

We all know this.

And if they work for a short time and folks get with the program of the “correct” food – over 90+ percent of the time they fall back to a place that was worse than they started. The facts and the studies are very clear on this.

Let me be very clear. Down below you will find EXACTLY what to eat. We definitely don’t leave that out. Some people have never been exposed to the correct food plan and we want you to have that and follow it. But my guess is you’re here because you have, like most of our clients, quite literally tried everything!
What isn’t so well known, or known at all, is what we call the emotional detox. Followed by the emotional and mental re-configuring necessary to be successful long term.

As with most things in life, this is a mental game.

I’m not saying you can “think” your way out of this – you can’t.

What I’m asking you to do is suspend judgment for the next week to thirty days and to see if your emotions are the key to unlocking your long term success.

To pay as much attention to how you FEEL as to what you eat or don’t eat or how many sit ups you do…

Once the sugar is removed, if you’ve ever struggled with this before then SOMETHING is going to happen. Something Is going to change, and that something is going to go a little haywire…

If you don’t track it – if you don’t understand it – if you don’t deal with it….

You are bound to repeat it.

You will be emotional.

You may be inexplicably weepy.

You’ll be angry for no reason.

Sad for no reason.

You’ll be depressed a little. Not to worry it’s not a mental issue it’s a physical withdrawal symptom.

The stress will feel unbearable at times. When the only thing you can think of is your go-to sweet.  – That should be the biggest clue ever!

What I’m trying to make clear here is that everything you’ve been taught about success on sugar detoxes and diets is wrong.

At the very least they have left out the one part that is the golden key to the golden lock – your emotional state and the transition to a new method of coping with everyday stress without sugar.

So how do we change that?

At first, we don’t. We manage it. We understand it. Then we change it.

None of this work can begin until you are first clean of sugar.

Now the time DURING the initial detox is super important because the crazy emotional ups and downs if they are not understood and dealt with, can stop our forward progress in its tracks.

To learn our secret sauce for managing those wild emotions go here…

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