How to Control Your Cravings for Sweets

How to Control Your Cravings for Sweets


I’ve wrestled with cravings my entire life.

The “types” of cravings have changed and evolved over the years.

Many of you who know my story know my cravings almost killed me.

Currently, my strongest cravings are for Perrier water with natural flavorings.

I quit about a month ago when my pantry started looking like a college dorm room with beer bottles everywhere except these were the deposit bottles from the Perrier lemon flavored.

Now even though the ingredients say Carbonated Mineral Water and Natural Flavors – I’m still a sceptic. I tried to replace my staple with just carbonated mineral water and I’ve not even been able to drink two in a month.

When my body craves something like that I need to look at it strongly. After researching on Google a little I found that “Natural Flavors” per the FDA could be damn near anything made from a natural source. Like fructose!

So until I get a laboratory test done on the stuff – I’m off it. But 30 days later, right after dinner, I crave the stuff.

That can’t be a good sign. I used to drink 12 to 16 oz or more – every night like clockwork. …Also, not a good sign.

When it comes to our “Sweets Cravings” we have to take a step back and examine what the heck is going on.

Most of us don’t crave the same food every day. Like all day everyday craving steak. Or any other foodstuff, not sugar related, that you really enjoy but would feel strange eating all day every day. Lobster comes to mind.

Quit Sugar TODAY

Imagine if you could afford it, and it was there, would you even enjoy it on about day 30? No, of course not.

So why do we not even consider this “craving” for sugary stuff strange or out of ordinary?

It’s a mystery to me.

But you’re not here to listen to my idle ramblings about our worldwide obsession with sugar.

You want to know how to reduce or eliminate those annoying cravings.

You know the ones that take over your mind, grumble strangely in your stomach and – how do I say this in just words –

literally, take over your body to the point where you “feel strongly” that sweet stuff must be in your mouth RIGHT NOW…  

Did I say that right? Do you have that kind of feeling around sugar sometimes?

So what is the answer?

How do we eliminate the sugar cravings?

We need to get a few days away from it. We need to cleanse our system of all sugar.

Sugar in the system causes the sugar cravings. While it’s stronger in some of us it exists in almost everyone.

We’ve had so many success stories of cravings just evaporating. Like magic.

If folks follow along – it’s simple – they get relief. Just imagine how you would feel if those gnawing sugar withdrawals were vanquished from your life, from your body, from your beautiful mind – forever?

Quit Sugar TODAY

If you just – finally – felt a sense of power over the stuff…

Take a deep breath and really feel that feeling right now.

It is possible. You know it is.

Let us show you how.

Listen to what Marguerite said just a few days ago:   Hi Everyone, I am finishing week 3 tonight. I feel great and do not have any cravings. Every now and then I have what I thought were hunger pangs but have learned that they are from sugar withdrawal. I have lost 9 pounds. I am starting to get in routines and habits that make things easier like having 2-3 helpings of cooked vegetables and protein on hand so that I can put meals together easily and quickly. Welcome to all the newcomers. You CAN do this!!”


Click here if you’re ready.


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