Does Mindfulness for Sugar Addiction = A Mindful Sugar Addict?

Does Mindfulness for Sugar Addiction = A Mindful Sugar Addict?


I believe in meditation.

It changed my life.

I think meditation is one of the most powerful tools for self-growth, addiction recovery and rewiring the brain from the harmful effects that sugar has done over the years.

What I do not recommend is try to use mindfulness and meditation alone to help walk out of an issue with sugar in the beginning.

There are many, many variations on the theme of mind over matter, brain over binge and mindfulness over sugar or emotional eating.

Entire books have been written on the topics.

Over past few years, my stance on total 100% abstinence from sugar has changed. Not for me personally but for the folks I work with.

I believe that some people can use mindfulness and meditation or mental strengthening or mental tricks/shifts to help them overcome sugar addiction. I’ve actually seen it work and know personally educators who have used these techniques with good results.

My issue with it is that folks with a high susceptibility to sugar are going to keep relapsing early on because it is so difficult.

The esteemed Endocrinologist and world famous sugar researcher Dr. Robert Lustig says it best:

“It’s hard to fight a biochemical reaction 24/7/365.”

Meaning when there is sugar in the system the system wants more sugar – for some people.

I always want to say this and I’ve been told it sounds flippant, not respectful of people’s struggle. But if it’s no big deal then why can’t folks just put the stuff down for a month or two and see what the results are?

(See Dr. Lustig’s quote above)

In the beginning, we need healing.

In the beginning, we need to see the reaction of our body WHEN we ingest sugar after 30 or 60 days abstinent.

What did he just say?

That’s right, the real truth-telling comes after you have a month or two clean from sugar and either on purpose or accidentally you ingest.

The real, true physical “buzz”, the heart palpitations, the crash and then the almost instant cravings that result, detached from memory by 30 or 60 days is so profound it’s like people suddenly wake up. Sadly they usually wake up the next day when they are so depressed they can’t stand it.

Most think they are depressed because they “fell off the wagon.” But in reality that exaggerated buzz was caused by the HUGE flood of dopamine from their beautiful, healing up, brain. And now, the day after, your just slightly healed system has no reserves to pump normally.

It’s like a lightbulb goes on.

Folks finally feel, in a very personal way, just how strongly sugar affects them.

Now can someone use mindfulness and meditation to cut way back on sugar and limit binges – absolutely they can. Can they use to augment their recovery and stay 100% abstinent? Of course.

My question is why would someone want to try and train their mind to ignore or not have cravings when the cravings are still going to be there biochemically?

This idea that while the sugar is swimming around doing it’s thing you’re going to try and override your biochemistry is just a harder battle to fight.

*The Big Lesson Here*

When you COMBINE abstinence with mindfulness training you get insanely powerful results.

Your new mindfulness practice is being met with a sugar-free brain and body and you are “anchoring” yourself to a new you. You are getting a double whammy. Two birds with one stone. Enough corny sayings Mike.

I’ll be writing a lot more about what I call “Interior and feelings anchoring” in the future but just think about the possibilities.

A perfectly clean, abstinent body and brain meets one of the most powerful self-help practices on the planet on a completely clean canvas. That canvas being – YOUR body.

Together we launch you into the same thing that is activated when you hear your favorite song and are immediately transported back to high school and the memories of that song. Anchors are powerful.

You are now anchored to a body that is clean of sugar and meditating daily to rewire your stress reactions, your pleasure reactions almost everything mentally and emotionally. Now that’s when the real magic happens!

I think it would be sad to try to learn, or begin, or resume meditating with your biochemistry battling against you.

Try it! Quit Sugar Now

Relapse is a fact of life. The best thing to do is use it to your benefit. Be aware of the reaction of sugar to your body. See how different it feels at 5 days and then at 20 days. This self-information is so much more valuable than what your withdrawals were like. Quit Sugar Now

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