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Day 28: Ground Hog Day?

Not much to say today; it was basically a repeat of Saturday. I woke up motivated but went down hill pretty quickly and ended up spending another day lazing around the house. Despite another depressing day I still ended up eating ok and resisting temptation. It was helped by the

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Day 27: A Jammies Day

Friday was a rough day emotionally and I stayed up way too late watching online tv while I oscillated back and forth between crying and being horribly pissed off. I thought about eating something, because I didn’t like that I hadn’t eaten since lunch and it is just my natural

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Day 26: 2 Yr Old Temper Tantrum

Interesting day. I had a good morning and great lunch with a friend. After lunch I desperately needed a nap and started feeling very upset and frustrated. The nap helped a little but with all the changes going on right now I’m very sensitive and became very upset tonight. I

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Day 25: Jobless!

Wow, my first day jobless. When I woke up I thought it was Saturday. It threw me at first and I honestly was a little lost and didn’t know what to do with myself for the day! I ate a good breakfast and had black beans and rice soup for

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Day 24: Life Change

It was a rough day with more cravings than I’ve had. It didn’t help that for my last day of work there was pizza in the office. I’m soooo glad to not have to go back there and all the tempting food! I’m not sure I had lunch and that

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Day 23: Pastry Temptation

My first day back at work after a long Thanksgiving vacation and I walk into a kitchen filled with bagels and pastries! ARG! I got fruit and ran out as quickly as possible, vowing not to return for the rest of the day. I did ok for the rest of

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