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Day 22: Post Holiday Weight In

Holly cow, it’s now Day 22 and I have been SOOOO bad about keeping my journal over the past couple days. I was completely sucked in by the holiday weekend with my family! So to catch up, today’s weight in was 136.4 lbs….so YES I’ve gained more weight. Can I

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Day 18: Thanksgiving Dinner

Well, I SURVIVED the chutney!! I made it last night and didn’t even sneak a taste. I’m very proud of myself for that. I did fine just being busy all day cooking; making the quiches, sweet potatoes, salad and helping with the pies. It was a little rough after breakfast

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Day 17: I Won’t be Defeated by the Car

Today was a good day. I got to laze around for the morning before prepping for Thanksgiving festivities. I ate well today and it was a bit of a challenge because of the car. When I take a car ride longer than 30 minutes I ALWAYS want to eat. It

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Day 16: Another “treat”

Felt a little ooky this morning…that might have been a product of all the dust I stirred up in my big house cleaning last night! Feeling ok; but when I went out to lunch the temptation to get my favorite kind of potato chips was too great and I gave

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Day 15: Week 2 Weigh-In

Weigh-In: 135.0 lbs!!!!!!!! NOOOoooooooooooo. I actually gained about a ½ pound! That is just wrong!     Last week was really rough and I was seriously grumpy for several days. So I put away WAY too much quiche, flourless grilled cheese sandwhiches and plantain chips. All sugar and flour free…yet

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Day 14: Week 2 Down!!

Woke up and felt good at 8am; despite a long night! However after I got up and had a banana I started to feel very tired and a nasty headache coming on, so I decided to get a little more rest. I got up a couple hours later feeling much

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