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Day 7: Donuts are Evil!

Up till nearly 4am last night, meant sleeping in LATE and thus no breakfast for me. Little craving this morning, but quiche and pineapple was yummy and satisfying. I admittedly was a little down about how unproductive I was yesterday, so this probably sparked the craving. I can’t believe my

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Day 6: Gotta Have Cheese!!

Slept in today; sort of motivated but kept getting off track and busy but not super productive. Didn’t eat enough in the morning and a late lunch made me tired. So I ended up pigging OUT on quiche! Again I seem to be craving fat as a way to cope

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Day 5: Treating Myself

Day 5 and I’m doing good. No major cravings, no breakdowns, no slip ups or having to use my Phone A Friend option. Though I have to admit just the thought of having to phone my awesome supporter has so far been enough of a deterrent away from any potential

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Sugar Addiction Challenge Day 4: Can’t Go It Alone

Woke up feeling good and motivated this morning. I’ve been good so far. Had stuff right under my nose yesterday and today, but resisted without too much effort. Felt snacky around 3:30pm today, probably because I just finished 1 big project and I only have a couple little ones left,

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Sugar Addiction Challenge Day 2: Slow Start

Woke up exhausted and grumpy. Had my breakfast eggs and shake around 10am and made me feel better. I forgot my lunch, thinking it was at work, so I only brought in my salad add-ons (broccoli, cauliflower and tomatoes…not an overly satisfying lunch)! I had chocolate candy right under my

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