Day 6: Gotta Have Cheese!!

Slept in today; sort of motivated but kept getting off track and busy but not super productive.

Didn’t eat enough in the morning and a late lunch made me tired. So I ended up pigging OUT on quiche!

Again I seem to be craving fat as a way to cope with no flour or sugar. Otherwise I sometimes feel like I’m starving!! I know this is just a withdrawal from the sugar and flour. But for now it seems to keep me from freaking out about and having a breakdown about not having sugar. Kind of like Methadone for heroin addicts? Maybe not such a great thing, but if it gets me over the physical withdrawal hump, I can then deal with breaking the bad habits and emotional stuff; right?

Holly cow, check out this picture I just found…I guess I’m not the only person to equate cheese to a drug. I, however, was nicer to cheese and said it was methadone, not heroin. Yup, I’m an admitted cheese junkie!

cheese is heroin

So, one addiction at a time. Back to sugar…I ended up having unproductive day, which stressed me out and made me feel frustrated. This then lead me not to eat well; as is my pattern. However, I am glad I didn’t break down and eat sugar or flour. Yet a dinner of popcorn and pineapple wasn’t the healthiest choice!

Well, tomorrow is a new day!

So, what do you substitute your sugar cravings with?

P.S. Don’t forget to say Hi to me on the Facebook page; I am posting little updates there randomly about my encounters, cravings, ideas, etc. and would love to hear from you there are well!

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