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I’m Ready for the Sugar Addiction Challenge!

Hi! Check out the video above about how I got started on this challenge and The Health Guy’s Sugar Addiction Challenge Welcome Video as well, if you haven’t already done so! So, here I want to give you some preliminary info on me at the start of this challenge: I

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Sugar Addiction Challenge Day 1: The beginning!

Woohoo, Day 1! Woke up ready to ROCK this thing!! Weigh-in Day 1: 139.4 lbs….NOT pleased! I had a great breakfast and climbed 6 flights of stairs in the morning to get to work. 1st time since before my injury! By 10am I was tired, hungry and unmotivated. So tempted

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Sugar Addiction Challenge Welcome!

Join us in the Sugar Addiction Challenge to start on the track to health and wellness! Check out Jenna’s daily Sugar Addiction Challenge posts in her effort to go sugar free and survive the holidays. Comment below or come play on the Sugar Addiction Facebook Page. We would love your

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Sugar Addiction Awareness Day. October 30th

Should sugar addiction have it’s own day? And is that day Halloween Eve? I wish I thought of this.  Author Jill Escher has come up with a long overdue and needed idea.  A day when we turn the awareness of what we all know is true for some people: “That

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Is sugar the same as drugs and alcohol?

Talk about passion about sugar addiction! Carlos’ Life Matters videos are great and this one about sugar is really good info about the health issues created by sugar. He answers the question: is sugar bad for you? If you have worried about your health, weight gain or obesity as it

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How much sugar is in a can of soda?

The sugar in soda is killing our kids We just need to bring this out in the open. I think if you see it right in front of you, you might be less likely to give your your kids soda with sugar in it or drink it yourself. Here is

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