Meditations and Affirmations for Sugar Cravings and Sugar Addiction.

Meditations and Affirmations for Sugar Cravings and Sugar Addiction.[Audio and Video]


Boy, do I have an awesome surprise for you!

One of our moderators, from our advanced groups, has just created THE most relaxing and effective meditation and affirmation video and audio specifically for sugar cravings, sugar withdrawals and mostly for success quitting sugar.

Check it out here: No cost, No Opt-in.

Karen’s voice is so soothing.

If you just plug into this anytime you feel the need to reach for the sugar, I’m sure that seven minutes later the feelings will have passed!

Get it on your phone right away.

I’d also start my day with this every morning.

If you have a sitting meditation practice then listen to this as you meditate.

One method I love, and use all the time with quality meditations, is just as I wake, still close to alpha state, I then plug the good meditation tape in and listen.

As you comfortably drift in and out of consciousness under your warm blankets the messages will work on your subconscious.

Some folks will dismiss this as so much woo-woo. It’s OK, I understand. Years ago I would have had the same feelings about even meditation. Or affirmations.

But today I operate under the:

By any means available banner.

Different things work for different people

(as long as you follow the basics)

and I can tell you that meditation works wonders in your life – for anyone willing to put in the time.

Affirmations help reprogram and rewire the negative pathways that have dug deep, negative self-talk grooves in our brains during all our failed attempts to quit.

Sometimes our struggle with sugar tires us out. Mostly mentally but at the beginning physically too, as we heal our bodies.

We need to have a tool bag full of all the help we can get.

We need information on the right food And then the time, money and motivation to cook that food.

Support, we definitely need support.

That support can come in many ways.

Mostly we just need the ears and accepting and loving listening of someone who doesn’t think our goal is crazy, someone who’s been where we are themselves.

We need guidance from folks who have succeeded.

Guided meditations and affirmations are just one more tool in your bag to help you walk out of your sugar issues one and for all.

Check it out here

Please leave a comment about the video below.

To join Karen in our advanced group right now just jump over here:  Quit Sugar Now

Take our very short quiz to see if you might have a little dependency on sugar: CLICK HERE


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