Sugar Addiction and Kids: Put Your Oxygen Mask on First


Many of you know my story of raising two sugar-free kids. It seems like just yesterday we were battling with the school to help us enact our wishes of keeping them sugar-free at school.

I feel like I was given the opportunity to “experiment” on two live humans. Luckily I learned later that not one human bodily function requires fructose.

We get a ton of inquiries about kids bad habits with sugar. Their refusal to eat their regular food, their high sugar intake, moodiness and temper tantrums.

If you’ve ever heard or seen a child, strapped into his mother’s grocery cart reaching and screaming at the top of their lungs, while almost upending the cart, for candy in the racks near the checkout you know what I’m talking about.

Just imagine the battles at home…

Oh, you say you’ve lived them?

It’s a tough time in history – really.

Times they are a changin’.

On one hand we have the folks like us trying to just get the word out and help folks that want to change and on the other, we have over 300 years of tradition baked into our society on sugar’s role in a child’s life.

Many believe (and point blank told my wife and I) that we are “depriving a child of one of the joys of life…”

Heck, even I understand that feeling. My dear, sainted mother was a big time sugar junkie and guess how I grew up?

So I get it…

Quit Sugar TODAY

But the facts are still the facts.

Doctors used to go on television and promote smoking cigarettes. How would that fly today?

You’ve probably done a ton of research already. But influencing kids around sugar can be tough.

While we break it down by age group and severity of habit when trying to get kids to cut back there is always one message that remains constant.

You’ve heard it on the airplane…

Put your own oxygen mask on first.

Kids are smart. I knew where my mom’s stash was.

They will know if you are walking the talk.

You’ve got to believe. You’ve got to go first. Lead by example.

I guarantee your kids will brag about you AND about their upbringing. (ask me how I know) and they will NOT resent you for depriving them.

If this is something you want to look at seriously. Check us out here.

I’m absolutely not above using your kids to guilt you into giving this a try. 😉  If you feel, even in the slightest, that you have had some struggles with sugar, weight, and health then why would you want to subject your kids to that? Join us.

If you’re pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant – we absolutely need to talk!!


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